Do you want to schedule regular dental cleanings, but are worried about high costs? Here’s how to enjoy the great benefits of teeth cleaning while keeping your treatment prices affordable.

Practicing good dental hygiene is not only important for your oral health, but also for your overall well-being. Why? Tooth decay and poor oral hygiene are related to higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Therefore, scheduling dental cleanings are very important because they can:

  • Help you maintain good oral health
  • Keep your teeth healthy and bright
  • Prevent gum disease and tooth decay
  • Allow your dentist to check for oral cancer or any other conditions

Affordable Dental Cleaning Costs in Calgary

At Northland Village Dental, our team is dedicated to providing our patients with high quality and affordable dental care, including cleanings, teeth whitenings, and emergency oral care, to meet all of your family’s unique oral care needs.

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Calgary Dental Cleanings


What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Scheduling regular dental cleanings is a crucial part of maintaining your oral health. During this procedure, your dental hygienist will remove any plaque to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Typically, it involves 4 main steps:

  1. Dental Checkup. Prior to any cleaning, your dental hygienist will likely conduct a comprehensive exam of your entire mouth, teeth, and gums.

  2. Scaling. A scaler is then used to remove any plaque from your teeth. This is to prevent the development of gum disease.

  3. Polish. Once all of the plaque has been removed, your oral healthcare professional will use a high-powered electric toothbrush to remove any tartar.

  4. Fluoride Treatment. This final step in a dental cleaning involves applying a fluoride treatment. The gel acts as a protectant for your teeth and helps lower your risk of developing cavities.


How Often Do I Need a Dental Cleaning?

How often you require a dental cleaning will be highly dependent on factors such as your oral hygiene routine and lifestyle. Generally, you should plan to schedule a cleaning at least once every six months. If you are consistent with your dental hygiene and habits, then this should be sufficient to help you maintain a healthy mouth.


How Much Does a Dental Cleaning Cost?

Similarly, the cost of your dental cleaning will vary based on your specific situation and is often determined by the amount of time and extent of treatment you require.

The dentists at Northland Village Dental understand that dental cleaning costs can be a concern, which is why we always provide exceptional care at an affordable cost.

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Lower Your Dental Cleaning Costs With Insurance

If you are worried about the costs of a dental cleaning and other procedures, then you may want to consider purchasing a dental insurance plan. At our Calgary dental clinic, our team can work with you to help determine what type of dental insurance is best for you, and to set up the appropriate process for direct billing, if applicable.

Some of the great benefits of direct billing include:

  • You don’t have to file any insurance paperwork
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • No time is spent waiting to be reimbursed

Direct Billing Services


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